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"I am an assiduous client of Dr Haus and have had facial peels and light botox on my forehead. I find Dr Haus excellent as he has also done a lot of training in dermatology apart from being a medical doctor, has many years of proven experience and knows what works best for each case. He is honest, straightforward and takes each client issues' with great understanding and gives you a 'tailored' made approach. And most importantly: he genuinely cares about his clients personal and physical welfare and will only do what is needed/best for you. He will tell you no if you want something that is not right or needed. I trust him absolutely and I am more than happy to recommend him to my female and male friends/contacts. A true professional and a delightful human being."

- Miss C B, Marketing Executive, London



"My experience at your clinic was a pleasant surprise. Having had reservations for quite some time on whether to try Botox or not it was nice to feel relaxed and comfortable the moment I walked into your clinic. You put me at ease about my procedure, it was quick, pain free and most importantly the results made me feel great! Thank you very much!"

- Mr. L, Global Sourcing, London



"I did not have bad skin, but I was not happy with a rather red and uneven skin tone, Dr Haus treated me and supplied the products that have given my complexion a complete new lease of life, following his advice and treatment my skin looks and feels great and everyone comments on it..."

- Mrs B. Publisher, London



"My skin was showing the stress and effects of bereavement on top of the obvious signs of old age. Further, sun damaged and ravaged by smoking and poor eating and sleeping Dr.Haus came in to my life just in time.... I now use his products, have regular skin peeling treatments and can see a marked difference in my facial skin quality. Friends have remarked on how good I am looking these days, how much younger, less wrinkled and have asked me what my secret is. I tell them and give them Dr Haus' number, confident that they will be treated in the same professional, sensitive and delicate way I have been treated by Dr Haus."

- Mrs D, (57 years old), Psychotherapist, London



"I am a male in the late 40's, and have an executive role giving regular public appreances. The normal signs of aging is slowly but surely coming, and whilst I wanted to do something about it, I was also afraid it would be too obvious for everybody to see that I was doing treatments to enhance my looks. Through a friend I was recommended to see Dr Haus. As this was my first time, I was not sure what to expect, and approached it with a certain caution.


During the first consultation, Dr Haus carefully explained to me what treatments was the right ones for me, and also made sure the changes happened gradually to ensure I was completely at ease with both procedures and results. Over a period of time I have gradually filled deep lines around the mouth, had Botox in some areas of the forehead reducing the frowns between the eyebrows, but still keeping my expression, and Restylane to improve the contour of the jaw line. I have also had a chemical peel to improve the texture of the skin.


The results are amazing giving a much fresher, youthful appreance without it being obvious I have had the treatments. Dr Haus is going to great lenghts to accomodate my schedule, whether it means seeing me late evening or weekends, and are also following up by phone to ensure I'm completely happy with the results. After meeting Dr Haus, all my concerns of cosmetic treatments were completely unfounded, I could not have been in better hands!"

- Mr L, London



"After having only a few treatments with Dr. Haus, I felt the difference. Everybody comments on how nice my skin looks and that I look younger and beautiful. He is a great professional who thinks carefully about what is good for his patients. Thank you for making me look great!"

- Ms Debbie C, Professional Translator, London



"I have long been concerned about the poor complexion of my skin as I suffer from acne and have large pores which look unattractive. I went to Dr. Haus who treated me with the eMax laser machine at his clinic in Rio de Janeiro. After just one treatment I really could see the difference and all of my friends have complimented me on how much better my skin looks and the acne scars on my face have also improved a lot. "

- Mr C. L. 36 years old, Employed in Finance, Rio de Janeiro



"I went to Dr. Haus for eMax (laser) treatment and was very much impressed with his professional approach. The result of the treatment was highly positive. (I have received many compliments for my youthful appearance.) I highly recommend Dr. Haus."

- Mr L, Diplomat, Rio de Janeiro






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