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Sun Damage and Sun Spots

Even when living in northern european countries like the UK, many of us will still suffer from excessive sun exposure.  Sun exposure is the major cause of skin ageing and it can lead to solar lentigines or sun spots, as well as a host of other long term skin problems.  The sun’s rays contain UV radiation which both burns and ages the skin. Unfortunately, most of us only pay attention when the sun is hot enough to burn us and so do not take adequate precautions at other times.

Dr Haus likes to ask his patients to do the following quick test if they want to see what impact the sun has had on their skin.  He first asks them to look at the condition of the skin on the underside of their forearm.  He then asks that they turn it over and look at the skin on the top of the forearm.  The difference in the texture and colour is largely down to the damage caused by the sun’s rays!

However when it comes to preventing premature skin ageing, you can take control.   Dr Haus recommends the daily use of quality skincare products with an UVA and UVB SPF of at least 30 as well as protective clothing and eyewear at all times.

Recommended Treatments: Lasers and Skin Peels

Well, what can I say here? Dr Haus is a magician!

I have been a patient for 7 years now and I must say I never looked back. I have had various procedures - and the results are always outstanding! Everyone working with Dr Haus is very warm, friendly and super professional, so I can ask all my silly questions! So every time I am booked to go in, I am really looking forward to it - it feels like home.

So just to sum up - don't hesitate for a second - you are going to meet a brilliant professional with a great personality, who will take care of all your skin needs!

Lucy Zorina

Sun damage - Dr. Ariel Haus