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Vanquish is treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to heat and kill fat cells in a non-invasive way. With the destroyed fat cells draining away naturally from the treated area.

The treatment is not intended for massive weight loss, but for reduction of the abdomen and thighs in a more targeted manner. The procedure is virtually painless and requires zero downtime. Results are typically achieved in four to six treatments.

Used to treat: Non-surgical Fat Removal

  • Number of treatments required: 4-6 treatments.
  • Results visible: One month after final treatment.
  • Social downtime: None
  • Ouch factor: Minimal discomfort.

To find out more about treatment with Vanquish, book a consultation with Dr Haus or one of his colleagues.

Responses to treatment will vary from person to person and may even vary in the same person over time. It is for this reason that results are not guaranteed.

Vanquish Before After Male Stomach -Dr. Ariel Haus