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Loose Body Skin

Loose  or excess body skin is usually a consequence of ageing, when the supportive connective tissue no longer works as it once did.  In addition to ageing, damage caused by sun exposure or cigarettes can have a negative impact on the skin’s elasticity.  However loose body skin can also occur as a result of weight loss and for many women, following pregnancy.

For patients who have loose body skin, Dr Haus and his colleagues can offer a range of treatments, that are all non-surgical, and which work to firm up loose and sagging skin.  We can tighten loose on the stomach, including post-baby tummies, upper arms, buttocks and legs.

These treatments incorporate laser, infrared light, radiofrequency, vacuum and mechanical massage and will usually result in good results for most people.  A course of initial treatments is often required, followed by less frequent treatments to maintain the results.

To learn more about the non-surgical treatments we offer to improve loose, excess or saggy body skin or to book a complimentary assessment with one of our trained practitioners, please telephone us on +44 20 7935 6358, send us an enquiry on the Contact Us Page or email to [email protected].

Recommended Treatments: Laser Skin Treatment, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, Emtone and VelaShape

I am on my third treatment with Dr Haus and the results are amazing. The service I have received so far has been exceptionally high. I could not recommend Dr Haus enough. He is professional, attentive and without a doubt an expert in his field. I now feel much happier and confident within myself.

Marie Wale

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