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Fat Removal Treatment

Recently, technology for non-surgical fat reduction treatment has come a long way.

This means fat removal treatments have never been more accessible.

A few years ago, anyone wanting to remove stubborn or excess fat was faced with only one option –  surgery, general anaesthetic, visible scars and possibly a long recovery time.


Fat removal Treatment London - Dr. Haus Dermatology


However, with non-invasive treatment options now encompassing technologies such as Cryolipolysis, Radiofrequency and Ultrasound, it is possible to remove stubborn and unwanted fat, all without surgery or significant downtime.

While many people may have a general understanding of Radiofrequency and Ultrasound, most people are unfamiliar with how they work in the context of fat removal.  Even fewer people will know what Cyrolipolysis is!

At our award-winning Dermatology Clinic on London’s Harley Street our experienced team have been providing non surgical liposuction treatments for more than 10 years.

Which non-surgical fat removal treatment is best?

Unfortunately, like most questions, the answer frequently is: ‘it depends’.

It depends on the type and amount of fat present in the individual patient, their medical history, their lifestyle, the results they hope to see and the type of treatment they are prepared to undertake.

Namely,  are they prepared to undergo a course of regular treatments at fixed intervals and prepared to wait to see results gradually, or do they want to come in for only one or two treatments in order to achieve noticeable results?

Fat Reduction London  

We recognise that when it comes to medical treatment ‘one size never fits all’ and so we have a range of fat removal treatment options at our clinic on Harley Street in London.

Below is a short comparison of some of the features of CoolSculpting, Emsculpt Neo and Vanquish which are all excellent for removing fat non-surgically.

Please email us for a complimentary assessment to determine your suitability for fat reduction treatment in London.

CoolSculpting for fat removal 

Uses Cryolipolysis technology (or controlled cooling), to freeze and then permanently kill or destroy fat cells in the treated area.  Once the fat cells have died, they do not return.  CoolSculpting can be used on any areas of the body wherever someone has what we like to call ‘pinchable fat’. Popular areas where we see requests for CoolSculpting in London are on the flanks or love handles and fatty deposits underneath the chin.

We have the latest CoolSculpting technology in our clinic and treatment times can be as little as 35 minutes for an area such as the chin, but are typically 60 minutes for most areas.

One to two treatments only are usually sufficient for most patients. Results will start to be visible after 3 to 6 weeks but it takes between 2 to 4 months to see the best results.

Emsculpt Neo fat reduction 

This non-surgical fat reduction treatment is an advanced version of EmSculpt treatment. Harnessing Radiofrequency (RF) and High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technologies, the treatment can reduce fat located just beneath the skin(subcutaneous fat) by up to 30%.

Areas it can for non surgical fat removal target include: belly, buttocks, thighs, stomach, upper arms and calves. Our clinicians recommend four 30-minute treatments every five to ten days for optimal results such as a more pleasing silhouette and contoured body.

Vanquish for non-surgical liposuction

Uses Radiofrequency energy to heat and disrupt fat cells non-surgically.  Vanquish is capable of being used for larger treatment areas and is especially suitable for the reduction of fat on the abdomen, belly and thighs.  A course of 4 to 6 treatments, each spaced 1 week apart is usually required.

Treatment time for Vanquish is usually between 30 to 45 minutes.   Results will start to be noticeable from one month after the final treatment with the best results appearing after a couple of months.

Fat Removal Afterwards

The question we are often asked with all of these treatment options that we offer in our clinic, is ‘what happens to the fat afterwards?‘  That is a good question.  For all of the above technologies, once the treatment has been completed and the fat cells destroyed or disrupted, the body metabolises the fat from the treated area, it is processed and removed from the body naturally.

Good results should last, provided that a healthy diet and lifestyle are maintained afterwards. None of the above treatments is intended to be treatments for weight loss or a substitute for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What is important to keep in mind is that no medical procedure is completely risk-free.

Each of the above treatments has known side effects associated with them and these will be explained to each patient during their initial assessment to determine suitability for treatment.

Click here for further information about treatment with CoolSculpting, Emsculpt NEO or Vanquish .

Next Steps

We offer face to face and complimentary assessments, at our Harley Street Dermatology Clinic for anyone considering  non surgical liposuction. At the assessment you will have the chance to discuss the areas of your body where you would like treated. Your practitioner will be able to give you an estimate of the cost of treatment and you will be able to get your questions answered about these treatments.

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