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Eye Bags & Wrinkles

The cause of bags under eyes or wrinkles under the eye, is often an accumulation of fat or skin, (or both) in the infra-orbital area underneath the lower eye lid.   Eye bags can affect men and women of all skin types.

Eye bags are different to puffy eyes.  Puffy eyes tend to be transitory in nature, and caused by factors such as tiredness, excessive alcohol or tobacco use, a build up of fluid, an allergic reaction or perhaps an infection.

Eye bag removal non surgical

In the past it was difficult to improve the appearance of bags under eyes without surgery, but now there are a number of treatments available that will provide good results and do not require a surgical procedure.  Based on our considerable experience in treating eye bags and the sensitive skin around the eyes, we will recommend the most suitable treatment for you.

Under eye bag treatments

To learn more about the treatments we offer to improve the appearance of bags under eyes and the skin around the eyes, or to book a consultation, please telephone us on +44 20 7935 6358, send us an enquiry on the Contact Us Page or email [email protected].


Recommended Treatments: Ablative Radiofrequency and Ultherapy

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