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Moles & Skin Lesions

Moles and skin lesions appear in all shapes and sizes and most are completely benign or harmless. However sometimes a mole or lesion starts to change shape, size or colour and that is when it is important to get a mole checked as soon as possible.

We offer a Mole Clinic with the following services:

Mole Checks

A mole check consists of an initial consultation with a Dermatologist where they will ask you questions about your general health and lifestyle and carry out an in depth examination of your moles.


If there are any moles that the Dermatologist is concerned about they will use a high powered skin surface microscope to check for signs of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Mole Mapping

A comprehensive, computer controlled ‘mole map’ of your entire body.  Our mole mapping technology allows us to spot even subtle changes to moles over time.

Private Mole Removal Near Me

For any suspicious looking lesions or moles, our experienced Dermatologists can quickly remove them and send the specimen for external analysis.


Once removed the specimen will be sent for histology analysis to check whether the mole is cancerous or not.  Your results will usually be available within 72 hours for peace of mind.

Dermatologist Report

Every mole check is carried out by a Dermatologist and you will be provided with a full report on findings from your mole map as well as recommendations for any further treatment required.

We are also able to examine and diagnose all other skin lesions including skin tags and remove them if necessary.

Mole Check Near Me

If you are concerned by the appearance of a particular mole or skin lesion, or would simply like the peace of mind of having them professionally examined by a Dermatologist, then please telephone us on +44 20 7935 6358, send us an enquiry on the Contact Us Page or an email to [email protected].

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