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Premature balding or alopecia can be experienced by both men and women and can start as early as in your late teenage years.  Men with premature balding will usually experience hair loss on the top and at the front of the scalp whereas women with this condition will usually experience thinning hair in general.

The potential causes are complicated and differ between men and women.

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Sure a visit to the dermatologist might not be the ‘topic du jour’ at the pub or even over coffee, but rest assured some men are finally losing their skin-hibitions! I’m one of them and when I want to look tighter and brighter I head to see Dr Ariel Haus. He is passionate about skin and through a combination of non and minimally invasive procedures, he helps patients like me feel positive and confident about their skin. Sure he performs an impressive raft of state of the art procedures, but there is also a firm emphasis on aftercare.

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