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Dr Haus 5D Face Refresh

The 5D Face Refresh is a NEW non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment created by Dr Haus.  It is suitable for both men and women and simultaneously improves a number of common conditions such as skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles as well as dull skin texture.

The treatment incorporates 5 different laser modes to produce the following skin benefits: Lifting, Texture Improvement, Wrinkle Reduction & Tightening. 

Step 1 – Intraoral Tightening and Plumping:

Controlled and gentle heating which is delivered inside the mouth to stimulate collagen contraction and the growth of new collagen fibres.  This step will produce a plumping effect from the inside of the mouth, similar to a dermal filler.

Step 2 – Rejuvenation: 

Tiny regional spikes of high temperature are delivered by a non-ablative laser which treats specific, deeper imperfections to complement the effect of the intraoral treatment.

Step 3 – Skin Tightening:

The third stage involves a different laser modality that causes bulk tissue heating, safely and rapidly, from the outside in by concentrating energy delivery subcutaneously.

Step 4 – Peeling:

A light ablative laser is used to give a pearl like finish to the skin.  The result is an extremely controlled light peel, without thermal effects, and no downtime.

Step 5 – Fractionated Tightening:

The final stage is a high-definition fractional treatment that precisely combines cold ablation and thermal effects, to achieve the perfect tightening result for each patient.

The 5 different types of laser all contribute to the final result which is an immediately noticeable tightening and lifting effect on the skin, which will continue to improve over time.  The Dr Haus 5D Face Refresh is ideally suited for anyone who is concerned by fine lines or wrinkles, loose or sagging skin and wanting to refresh their complexion!

Used to treat: Ageing Skin, Crepey Skin, Lines and Wrinkles, Tightening Face and Neck Skin and Sun Damage and Pigmentation

  • Number of treatments required: For best results a course of between 2-5 treatments is usually recommended.
  • Results visible: Initial improvement will be noticeable after the 1st treatment but a course of treatments will result in further improvement.
  • Social downtime: Minimal to mild. Slight redness and tenderness for 24 hours following treatment.
  • Ouch factor: Mild but not uncomfortable.

To find out whether the Dr Haus 5D Face Refresh may be suitable for you or to book a consultation to see Dr Haus, please telephone us on +44 20 7935 6358, send us an enquiry on the Contact Us Page or email appointments@drhausdermatology.com.

Responses to treatments will vary from person to person and may even vary in the same person over time. It is for this reason that results are not guaranteed.

Dr Haus 5D face treatment before
dr Haus 5D face refresh after
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