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Mole Checks and Mole Removal

Moles and skin lesions appear in all shapes and sizes and most are completely benign or harmless. However sometimes a mole or lesion starts to change shape, size or colour and that is when it is important to have it checked as soon as possible.

If Dr Haus considers that a mole is potentially harmful, he will perform a biopsy and send it for histopathology analysis.  If it is determined to be cancerous or pre-cancerous then we can remove the mole or lesion without further delay.

In addition to the diagnosis and removal of moles and lesions, we have a FotoFinder Mole Mapping System available to assist in the management of patients with multiple lesions. The FotoFinder System is the world’s first automated total body mapping technology, for rapid detection of changes to the skin with high sensitivity and specificity.  Using an automated camera this system can document a patient’s complete skin surface in under 5 minutes.

Used to treat: Moles

If you are concerned about the appearance of a mole or lesion or to book a consultation with Dr Haus, please telephone us on +44 20 7935 6358, send us an enquiry on the Contact Us Page or email reception@drhausdermatology.com.

I was recommended to see Dr Haus in July 2015 by a friend. She knew I had seen a few other doctors in Brazil where I am from about a skin allergy which still persisted for nearly two years. The allergy was getting more intense and because it started to affect my sleep I decided to see Dr Haus. The clinic is very well located in Harley Street and the staff were ever so friendly. I felt very comfortable discussing my skin issue with him as he explained about its possible causes and what we could do in order to get better. The consultation room was so welcoming and beautifully decorated which makes you feel good about being there. He prescribed a cream and some other medicine to be taken for a month. He also suggested a special soap for me to wash my body with which I still use to this day. I am grateful to him because my body feels fine; my skin is in good condition and I started sleeping well again. If I ever need another dermatologist who I know will listen and explain to me about my skin condition in terms that I can understand while taking a good care of me I would go back to see Dr. Haus. Thank you very much for your attention Dr Haus.

Juliano Teixeira

Mole Therapy - Dr. Ariel Haus