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Sun Damage and Sun Spots

Many of us suffer from excessive sun damage. Excessively exposing your skin to the sun is the major cause of aging skin and can lead to solar lentigines or sun spots, as well as a host of other long term skin problems.  The sun’s rays contain UV radiation which both burns and ages the skin. Unfortunately, most of us only pay attention when the sun is hot enough to burn us and so do not take adequate precautions at other times.  When it comes to preventing premature skin ageing, you can take control.   Dr Haus recommends the daily use of quality skincare products with an UVA and UVB SPF of at least 30 as well as protective clothing and eyewear at all times.

Recommended Treatments: Lasers

I work in Aesthetic Medicine and deal with some of the best clinics and physicians in the world, so when I plucked up the courage to finally try and fix my problematic skin that had been causing me anxiety I knew that Dr Haus was the only person I could trust to help me. His reputation in our industry is second to none as a leading expert in both aesthetic medicine and dermatology, both here and in Brazil. His clinic on Harley Street is magnificent and both Dr. Haus and his team are so welcoming, friendly and professional I knew I would be in safe hands.

Dr Haus immediately diagnosed two specific conditions my skin was suffering from. I had no idea that I had these conditions and simply thought I had really bad, dehydrated skin? I had a bespoke, combination treatment designed to target my specific skin requirements and it was the most comfortable, relaxing experience throughout. Dr. Haus was always checking my level of comfort and explained every process before it happened and during the procedure too.

At the end of my first treatment Dr. Haus handed me the mirror and I was absolutely delighted to see an instant improvement in my skin. I didn’t even mind the thought of my 3-hour journey home without make up on (something I would never usually do as I hide behind my foundation).

I can’t wait to see the continued improvements in my skin as I progress through the course of treatments. If you are unhappy with your skin, can’t seem to find anything that helps it long-term, or even if you are happy with your skin but want to improve it further or turn back the clock, then book in for a consultation with Dr. Haus. There is no need to be self-conscious anymore about your skin once you are under the care of Dr. Haus. I highly recommend Dr. Haus and his clinic to help you improve your self-confidence by improving your skin.

Vanessa B

Sun damage - Dr. Ariel Haus