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Do you have tired or dull looking skin?  Perhaps your skin is not looking as radiant as it usually does.

Try our Award Winning HydraFacial London. Just one hour is all it takes and it will immediately give you back soft and velvety feeling skin.

The Dr Haus Dermatology London HydraFacial is a medical grade facial comprising six steps to deliver beautiful skin.  Medical grade facials take the traditional facial several steps further, due to the strength of the products and also the equipment we use.  

Six Steps To Beautiful Skin

1. We start by stimulating the detox process by using the lymphatic drainage to detox and firm the skin;

2. We then gently remove dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin, whilst at the same time delivering glucosamine and botanical cleansers;

3. We then deliver the brightening stage, and a gentle glycolic and salicylic agent loosens debris from the pores, to create a healthy glow;

4. A honey extract is then introduced to painlessly extract impurities and kill off any bacteria;

5. We then hydrate the skin by delivering a cocktail of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid deep into the skin. This incredible vortex fusion technology replenishes the skin and promotes optimum skin health;

6. Finally we rejuvenate the skin with red LED light to reduce redness and stimulate collagen, or a blue LED light to reduce acne and target bacteria.

With the Hydrafacial, your skin will look healthy and glowing, fine lines will be softened and you will leave with that glow you had in your youth.

Vanity Fair Award Winning Facial 

While a Hydrafacial will still give you superior longer term results compared to any traditional facial, we also offer a Hydrafacial and Skin Tightening Treatment called HydraTight for anyone who is concerned about issues such as skin laxity.  Vanity Fair Magazine named the HydraTight Facial at Dr Haus Dermatology as one of the Top London Facials for 2020!

The HydraTight gives you all the benefits of the 6 step Hydrafacial but with an extra step for skin tightening to address any concerns around facial laxity.  For best results a course of HydraTight Treatments is recommended and your practitioner can advise you on the interval and suggested number of treatments.


Used to treat: Aging Skin, Crepey Skin, Lines and Wrinkles and Milia Removal

  • Number of treatments required: When required.
  • Results visible: Best results are 24-48 hours after treatment with ongoing improvement.
  • Social downtime: Mild redness for several hours.
  • Ouch factor: Minimal.

Hydrafacial Near Me

To find out more about our HydraFacial London Treatment or Hydrafacial Cost, please telephone us on +44 20 7935 6358, send us an enquiry on the Contact Us Page or email appointments@drhausdermatology.com.

Responses to Hydrafacial treatment will vary from person to person and may even vary in the same person over time. It is for this reason that results are not guaranteed.

I booked my HydraFacial right after London Fashion Week after which I had cumulated 4 weeks of non-stop work sans day off, a couple of trips and 4 to 6 hours sleep per night. I was physically and mentally exhausted and it showed on my face. Suitable for both men and women, this treatment is thorough to say the least. It is not a pampering treatment of any sorts but it probably is one of the most efficient facials in the market to reboot the skin.

Laetitia Tomasso

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